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Work, Home, Uni and School: Picking the Right Stationery for the Job

Blog Post Image: Picking the Right Stationery for the Job

Struggling to find the right stationery for your needs? We’ve done it for you. Read on to find out more!

Whether you need to find the perfect pen and notepad for work, looking for an arty day with the kids, or you’re off to university and need to keep your stationery supplies up, PaperDucks can help.

We’ve put together this handy little list to help you get what you need from our sensational stationery shop.

Office Stationery Items for Work

Nothing’s better than starting the new year on a fresh new page. With Christmas coming up, it’s the perfect opportunity to refresh your dull old office desk with some bright, brand new office stationery.

It’s easy to get lost in the post-Christmas office rush, so one of our luxury diaries and planners are perfect for keeping track of all those meetings and important dates. Our range of diaries are all designer-made, too, with stunning covers, high build quality, and gloriously crisp paper. Perfect!

And what good is a diary if you have nothing to write in it with? Our Ted Baker stationery has you covered with a beautiful designer pen that doubles as a touchscreen stylus, too. Not only does the pen nib glide along the page without scratching, but it’s comfortable to hold and comes with its own designer bag.

University Stationery

Heading off to complete your degree? Make sure you’ve got the right tools for the job with our range of essential university stationery. Whether you struggle to keep to the tight schedules, or you want something to lighten up the stress of endless revision, we’ve got your covered.

Never miss another lecture again with one of our fantastic designer diaries and notepads. Each has plenty of pages to scribble down lecture times and notes — and some even come with their own matching designer Ted Baker pen, too. Ideal for the fashion-conscious student!

If you need to do some serious writing and revision, our desktop stationery set has everything you need to get the job done. It even has sparkly tape, which is an absolute requirement for revision! Our funky snail highlighter and fun sticky notes are also great for marking and picking notes out of your many textbooks for studying later.

Also, if you need to remind a messy housemate to clear the dishes, what better way than leaving a relevant sticky note in the kitchen?

Stationery for Schools

Finding all the required items for the classroom can be tricky. With each year requiring brand new pens, pencils, and various stationery items, it’s best to get the back-to-school stationery your child will love and hold on to.

Our Scentco pens and pencils are some of our most popular items for children. Scentco has perfected the art of scented pens and pencils (which they’ve named smens and smencils). Using fully recyclable materials and with long-lasting scents of fruits or sweets, they’re a great addition to any budding artist’s pencil case. We even sell entire sets which can be mixed together for creating even more delicious smells.

Iwako erasers are also great for adding some fun to a pencil case. Kids love the fun, cute, colourful erasers so much that they might even end up collecting them! There’s a variety of animal and food erasers to choose from, including giraffes, gorillas, donuts, ice creams, and many more. Ideal for brightening up that pencil case!

Stationery for Home

Home offices need to be kept tidy, so our range of fun and functional folders are perfect for keeping your documents in order. We also sell sets of pens and pencils and other home office stationery. Our handy desk notepads are also great to keep by the phone to jot down all the important notes and contact details you pick up while managing your business.

If you’re looking for a way to keep the kids entertained, our scented gel markers are great for those with an artistic flair. Not only are these markers easy-to-clean, but they also smell fantastic and are made from fully recyclable materials.

Want to find more ideas? Check out the huge stationery shop at PaperDucks, or get in touch with us for more help.

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