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Ted Baker Stationery

Ted Baker Stationery

Nothing quite says classy, top-quality and just a smidge posh quite like Ted Baker stationery. It’... Read more.

Ted Baker Stationery Description

Nothing quite says classy, top-quality and just a smidge posh quite like Ted Baker stationery. It’s not stationery for the person who has money to burn. Rather, it’s more like stationery for the person who really appreciates premium pencils and top-notch notebooks.

Because that’s what Ted Baker stationery is all about: top-notch products. There’s nothing complicated about that. Mr Baker, evidently, is a simple man who just loves a decent set of pens. The kind of man whose stationery we’re happy to sell.

Ted Baker is all about doing things a little differently — with a little more razzmatazz than your average stationery brand. For example, you could get yourself a perfectly lovely notebook made with a paper or cardboard and we wouldn’t judge you. Paper Ducks stocks lots of lovely designer notebooks with lovely paper and cardboard covers.

However, for something extra special, look no further than a Ted Baker brogue notebook. These top-drawer notebooks are for when you need to write down something properly important. No hastily written shopping lists in here. No, this is the sort of notebook for the next Ernest Hemingway or — if you’d prefer — J. K. Rowling. Every book about wizards has got to start somewhere…

Romantic notions aside, Ted Baker stationery is great for the way it focuses on the little things. A Ted Baker pen gift set, for example, comes complete with an individual quote on each pen and a wonderfully ornate gift box that’s perfect for wrapping up. It’s the kind of thing which would make any stationery lover weak at the knees.

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