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Give Your Stationery Some Sniff with Scented Stationery Kits

Blog Post Image: Scented Stationery kits

Want to add some fun to your stationery? Check out our scented pens and stationery kits!

Scented pens have been around for a while, but have always had that tacky plastic pencil smell overpowering their subtle scent. That’s where Scentco’s scented stationery jump in.

Scentco’s scented stationery range have perfected the smell by using newspapers to replace the wood commonly used. This means it’s a lot easier for the stationery to keep the scent for longer — and it’s good for the environment too! In fact, not only are Scentco’s stationery some of the coolest around, but each product is purposefully built to be as earth-friendly as possible. They use recycled newspaper and corn-based biodegradable and recycled plastic wherever they can.

All the products in the range are ideal for kids of all ages (even those above 18 years old) and an ideal addition to a school stationery set, a laid-back office, or as a Christmas or birthday gift for budding artists or that stationery geek in your life.

Smencils (Scented Pencils)

The first thing you’ll notice about smencils is just how good they smell. The scent that’s been imbued in each smencil is powerful enough to notice, but not so powerful that it ends up smelling tacky like many scented kids items do.

There’s a whole variety of different smells to choose from and the range keeps growing over time. There’s everything from jelly donut, coffee, and cupcakes, to fruity smells like apple, watermelon, and orange. Each one smells good enough for you to wonder if they’d actually taste as good as they smell (they don’t, unfortunately. We tried so you don’t have to).

Each smencil is made from recycled newspaper and comes in a biodegradable plastic “freshness tube” made from corn-based plastic. These recyclable tubes are a useful way to store each of your smencils to lock that fresh smell in, while also providing protection to the graphite pencil cores (there’s nothing worse when it breaks!).

Smencils can be picked up from our online store as part of a set, or individually to mix your scents together. In fact, since they’re so fragrant, mixing flavours is almost as much fun as actually using them! They’re absolutely ideal for a gift for a kids birthday or as a Christmas gift, and they fit nicely into a school pencil case, too.

Smens (Scented Pens)

When you need something a little bit more permanent than a pencil, but equally delicious smelling, smens are the best choice.

Like their smencil cousins, the smens come with a variety of different smells to pick and all smell fantastic. There are three different types, including the original scented pens, the fabulously sparkly glitter gel ink smens, and the fun and arty scented gel crayons that are perfect for doodling with.

And of course, they’re all fully recyclable. The plastic cylinders the pens come in are kept in are made from biodegradable corn-based plastic, and the pen bodies themselves are made from recycled plastic and newspapers.

Smencil case

So you’ve bought an entire bouquet of delicious smelling smencils, smens, and more. Where are you supposed to keep them? How about in an equally delicious smelling smencil case? There are three smencil case smells to choose from; cupcake, jelly donut, and rainbow sherbert.

They’re also made from a durable, long-lasting silicone rubber, and come equipped with a cute little scented character that’s attached to the zip. Perfect for storing all the delicious smencils and smens you’ve collected!

Sketch and Sniff!

Our A5 sketch and sniff sketchpads are ideal if you want a wafting smell of fresh cupcakes, donuts, or lollipops while you jot down your thoughts, ideas, and doodles. Each pad has a funky, retro sweetshop style cover, contains over 160 pages, and comes with a matching scented smencil. Most of us (though not all of us) need a bit more than standard pens to show our creativity, so make sure to complete the set with some smens and smencils!

There are also notepad versions that come in four scents: cherry, cookie, donut, and lemon & lime with a glitter gel smen too.

Here at PaperDucks, we’ve got a whole range of delicious smelling scented stationery that’s ideal for kids (and adults) of all ages. Feel free to get in touch with us to make sure you get your stationery purchases right.

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