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About us

About Us

Hi from Natalie & Dave – The Paper Ducks!

Our story… So far!

Once upon a time, there was a man called Dave from Yorkshire, and a lady (Yes, a lady… not a girl, ‘lady’ sounds much better!) called Natalie from Lincolnshire. Both previously unlucky in love until the stars aligned in the world of cyber space and a match made in heaven was born into the world.

For months, Natalie and Dave travelled across the Yorkshire/Lincolnshire border every weekend, falling deeper in love with every visit. It was on one of these visits during a lovely walk around the duck pond that Natalie saw a male and a female duck swimming along side each other, Natalie said to Dave, “Did you know that ducks mate for life?” Just as Dave replied to say that he didn’t know but that it was just like us, one of the ducks swam off into the distance and attempted to mount a lone duck. “What a duck slag!” exclaimed Natalie in disgust before they both burst into laughter. Dave cleared the air and said, “We wont be duck slags, we will mate for life.”

They both wanted to run their own business so the idea popped up about starting a business together, stationery and gifts were going to be the products and what better name than Paper Ducks!

A few months later Dave took Natalie to a much nicer duck pond, with much more faithful ducks and had a wander around with an ice cream in the sunshine. They sat on a bench enjoying the weather until Dave, looking quite nervous began to say, “I’ve got something for ya, I’ve got something for you…. I’ve got something for you…” It could have been said a few more times while Natalie said “What… What is it?” He pulled out a ring from his pocket and asked her to marry him. She cried a little and forgave him for not getting on one knee in the duck poo as she was going to marry the love of her life!

Eventually, they couldn’t stand the distance any longer and Dave made the heroic decision to take one for the team and gave up living in his beloved homeland Yorkshire to be with his lady Natalie every day.  And they live happily every after. We hope you enjoyed reading our story as much as we enjoy living it! Our aim is to make you smile with every single one of our products, whether it be because you find them as hilarious as we do or because you can imagine the receiver of the gift giggling away when they open it. Maybe it would make you smile to see that beautifully organised desk you’ve created looking back up at you. Either way, we hope you love it enough to indulge, and if you decide to come back another day instead we hope you have at least left with a smile and a few minutes of happiness.


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