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8 Clever Christmas Stationery Gift Ideas

Blog Post Image: Christmas Stationery Gift Ideas

Struggling to find the right Christmas stationery gifts for the notepad nerd in your life? We’ve done the work so you don’t have to!

We all know that one stationery lover who we struggle to find something for. They’re either completely vague about the types of gift they like, or they’re so particular that it’s practically impossible to get it right!

The likes of teachers and students can never have enough stationery, though (and goodness knows students have enough to deal with) so we’ve put together a list of the most popular and awesome stationery gifts so you don’t have to! Check out eight of our most popular products and get those tricky Christmas presents spot on this year.

Ted Baker Designer Notepad

Ted Baker does more than just classy handbags and beautiful perfume. This gorgeous A5 brogue notebook is perfect if you’re buying for a fan of the designer. It has 192 gilded pages, a faux-leather brogue style cover, and a page ribbon to keep your place. It’s ideal for the classy stationery lover in your life. Why not also complete the package and get a stylish Ted Baker pen to match, too?

Price: £12.95

2017 Diaries

Christmas is a perfect time to give your well-organised loved ones a new diar,y ready for the new year. Why not give them one to remember with our designer diaries? Each one is packed with useful organising pages, has a beautiful cover, and are built to withstand an entire year of use.

Price from: £8.99

Magic Sets

Know a budding magician? Why not kick-start their mystical magical career with our sleight of hand and card magic sets? Each one is high-quality and comes with a variety of different, easy-to-learn tricks to perplex the rest of the family with after Christmas dinner. These magic sets are ideal to keep kids busy on Christmas day and provide plenty of fun at home and on the school playground.

Price: £8.95 – Magic set

£3.35 – Card magic set

Four-Colour Erasable Pen

We’ve all seen these four-colour pens before — and let’s face it, they’re awesome — but these go one step further by making the ink erasable! They come with four different ink colours (black, blue, red, and green) which are easily removed with the eraser if you make a mistake — the perfect smart gift for a student who’s prone to a few typos. They’re lovely to write with, too, with smooth, non-scratchy pen nibs that glide across the page. Ideal to chuck in with the rest of a desk stationery set!

Price: £3.50

Scentco Scented Stationery Sets

Make notes smell incredible with Scentco’s stationery sets. These sets come in a variety of delicious flavours, ranging from coffee and cupcake, to jelly donut, root beer, gummy bears, and various fruits. They’ll be able to write the most delicious-smelling Christmas thank you letters ever! The pencils and pens are also planet-friendly, being made from recycled newspapers. Perfect!

Price for a set of smens (smell pens): £9.95

No.16 Pen And Pencil Set

Looking for something a little classier for that smart writer in your life? Our matching No.16 pen and pencil set is perfect for more formal loved ones. Made with brushed stainless steel, with a smooth mechanism, a smooth glide across the page, and coming in a high-class box that’s ideal for gift wrapping, these pens are a must-have gift for serious writers.

Price: £19.95

Iwako Erasers

Nothing is duller than those regular grey rectangular erasers. Yawn. Put some fun into a pencil case with one of these Iwako erasers. These erasers come in different shapes of fun animals or even types of food. Perhaps you want to add a cute gorilla to your stationery, or drop a tasty macaroon into your pencil case? They’re high-quality, use latex-free rubber, collectable, and so cute that it’s almost a shame to use them as erasers. They’re perfect for kids going back to school after the holidays.

Price: £1.00 (Why not pick up a bunch?)

Credit Card Tool

Got a DIY handyman in the home? This credit card tool is a great way to help them keep the house running. It includes a mini-ruler, a spanner for small nuts, a bottle opener for all that Christmas tipple, and even a miniature saw to get wood for the fire (ok, not really, but it’s still a decent saw!). It fits snugly into a wallet and also comes in a handy little tin for easy gift wrapping. We’re always looking for clever life hacks and this is a great little tool that will be handy when you need DIY tools in a pinch.

Price: £7.95

Looking for the ideal Christmas stationery gifts? Have a browse through the huge range of stationery at PaperDucks!. If you’re still unsure about what to go for, get in touch and we’ll point you in the right direction.

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